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  1. wow effect.

All media texts are about finding and creating a wow effect. Before coming up with a topic, it's worth asking the question: Why will they read about it? This is where the criterion of importance comes in - is this topic better, stronger, brighter than all the others we can talk about?


When I first started writing, I thought that essay pay the more people who were affected by the issue discussed in the text, the more meaningful the material would be. But then I found a simpler criterion for significance - any news story can be measured in money. Revenue, turnover, profits, market share, top managers' salaries - the figure will indicate how important the newsbreak is.


If the event is difficult to tie to money, there is always another figure. The main thing is that you always choose which characteristic to bring to the surface and create that very "wow".


I once received a press release from a tobacco company with the news that the company had increased market share by 6 percentage points. I didn't see anything interesting in it and didn't write a post. Then a PR guy contacted me for feedback. He explained to me that I had misunderstood the meaning of the release: the company's market share was 10%, and now it had grown to 16%. More than 1.5 times that, which is 60%. The catch was, I thought 6 percentage points was just 6%, and it turned out to be the difference between the two values. In fact, to increase market share by 60% for a tobacco company is a significant event, a huge achievement. You could have already created a cool news story out of that.


I go back to the idea that companies usually have an incredible amount of data in which there is bound to be something of value. However, authors don't package their numbers in such a way that the wow effect appears. Often they don't do it intentionally, but simply because the eye has been trained. Also, many PR people are trapped in pessimism: "we are the most ordinary," "we're not the market leaders," "we don't have nice numbers." But that's not true. The same thing can be told in completely different ways.


In your search for "wow" act like this:


pick cool data;

interpret the numbers to make them look pretty.

The maximization method will help you find the right number faster.


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